Fixing Up Your House Before Selling It

Have you been thinking about selling your house lately? If so, now is a great time. We are experiencing historically low interest rates and rising home prices. However, if you want to sell for the maximum price then you should look at making your most cost effective updates. Sometimes simple staging and some do-it-yourself updates […]

7 Tips to Save Money with Life Insurance

There are several misconceptions about life insurance in regards on how to buy it and when to buy it. Many consumers believe that you have to be a specific age to purchase it and that it only lasts for a period of time. Some policies, term life insurance, are for a limited time. Policies don’t […]

Get the Right Home Loan

Finding the right home loan is just as important as finding the right home. After all, we often find ourselves intertwined in these loans for nearly 30 years, and sometimes longer if we have the need to refinance. There are many different factors when choosing the right home loan, it’s not always as easy as […]

How You Can Buy Your Dream Home

Buying your dream house can seem to be just that, a dream! The truth is, with a little bit of hard work, knowledge, and good ole fashion know-how, it is quite achievable! There are two basic hurdles you must get over first. Coming up with the necessary down payment funds is a daunting and seemingly […]

Basic Bank Rules for Writing Personal Checks

I am well aware that you really don’t know anything about those little slips of paper you fill out and affectionately call personal checks. It’s not like the bank handed you an instruction manual when you signed up for a checking account. After the handshake, they probably handed you a check register and some starter […]