Where can I collect Avios?

Fancy going away this year? Planning ahead for 2015? Joining the Avios reward scheme may be the perfect way for you to treat yourself and your loved ones, without having to break the bank too much. The Avios scheme, which emerged as part of an Airmiles overhaul, helps you to build up points during your […]

Handling Joint Accounts in a Divorce

Divorce is a rough time for couples and their children. Even if your relationship ends amicably, there are many details to sort out. For example, you might have to determine a custody arrangement for your children; come to an agreement on how to split belongings — and most importantly, you have to find the best […]

Know your boundaries

Working out the boundaries for your house can be an expensive and complicated process and knowing them before any particularly tough legal issue arises can save you a great deal of time and cost. Land in England and Wales is registered with general boundaries rather than precise ones, and so it can be extremely useful […]