Use these Strategies to Increase your Social Security Checks

When it comes to Social Security benefits, very few retirees are actually aware of the options they have to maximize their benefits and payments. Most assume that they’re going to get what they get and that number can’t be changed. Also, since Social Security administration employees don’t know nearly as much about complex rules as […]

How to Save Money Shopping at Target

Saving money is the new trend! However, with countless of articles advising to use coupons and watch the sales paper, surely there have to be other methods to save money shopping at Target? Below are five tips on how you can save big. Purchase Discounted Gift Cards First Before shopping at Target (or any other […]

The Best Places to Store Cash for the Short Term

There are certainly plenty of options for storing cash short-term, but one of the worst is to store actual cash somewhere in your home. Besides a few hundred dollars, or maybe even up to $1000 in actual bills, storing cash at home is extremely risky. If you have some type of emergency such as fire […]

How to Deal with Decreased Cash Flow

When your cash flow decreases, it can be a very hard and frustrating time. You have to wonder how you will manage to pay your bills on time and keep debt at bay. Today, we are discussing how you can deal with decreased cash flow. Gain Control of Your Cash Flow The first thing that […]

Healthcare Costs Can Bankrupt You

A major decision for most people nearing retirement is whether or not to purchase long-term health care insurance policies. On the one hand, the cost of living in a nursing home or assisted living facility, or having a live-in nurse at home, can be in the tens of thousands of dollars every year. This high […]

Going Broke in Retirement

So you made into retirement. Congratulations, now it’s time to kick back, de-stress and enjoy the time that all of those years of working have given you. Of course, the unfortunate fact is that millions of Americans today are not financially prepared for retirement, especially those who have never put any preparation into it to […]

Focusing on Coverage versus Premiums

The automobile insurance industry is going through some amazing and rapid changes. From tracking devices that send information about every turn that a driver makes, and every time that they brake their car, to coverage that offers “pay as you drive” insurance, new insurance products for automobiles are popping up left and right. Still and […]