Scottish Parents Financially Helping Oldest Grown Children

A recent study has shown that in Scotland, the average age of grown children receiving financial help from their parents is 29.15. This is almost three years above the average age in the UK. The fact is that nowadays more and more parents have to give their children money long after they have left home. […]

Investment Property Tips to Beat the Competition

Buying property is one of the safest investment options around. Even if the market has the occasional slump, over time property nearly always increases in value. But it’s not something you should jump into if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Here’s some investment property tips to help you beat the competition and come out […]

Fixing Up Your House Before Selling It

Have you been thinking about selling your house lately? If so, now is a great time. We are experiencing historically low interest rates and rising home prices. However, if you want to sell for the maximum price then you should look at making your most cost effective updates. Sometimes simple staging and some do-it-yourself updates […]

Avoiding Complications From Collisions

A vehicle accident is a lousy experience.  First of all, there’s the chance that you or a family member could be seriously hurt.  Then there are police reports, repair bills, and potential problems if you’ve leased your vehicle. Standing outside your wrecked SUV on the side of Interstate 55 is not the time to educate […]

How Important is Credit Rating of a Life Insurance Company

Life insurance companies have credit ratings of their own, much like how we all have personal credit ratings. These credit ratings can be very important when it comes to gauging the quality of service that you will receive. These credit ratings indicate how financially stable the company is. For instance, if the life insurance company […]

5 Signs on How to Find a Good Online Lender

If you are interested in finding a mortgage or loan lender online, there are specific signs that you should look for in this online lender. Doing comparison research and investigating the online lenders that you find is very important. In fact, it can make a significant difference in the outcome of your loan. You could […]

Getting Your Family Involved in Your eCommerce Business

Family businesses have formed a significant part of the American business community since the nation started in the late 1700s. The most classic example is the mom and pop grocery store down on Main Street, but as times have changed, family owned businesses have changed as well. One of the ways that businesses have changed […]