Going Broke in Retirement

So you made into retirement. Congratulations, now it’s time to kick back, de-stress and enjoy the time that all of those years of working have given you. Of course, the unfortunate fact is that millions of Americans today are not financially prepared for retirement, especially those who have never put any preparation into it to […]

Are you Broke as a Joke?

Yes, the economy has “gotten better” since the recent great recession but, unfortunately, it never really ended for the vast majority of Americans. Indeed, American households all over the country are still struggling with stagnant wages, a labor market that’s sluggish and cost of living expenses that keep on going up. Even worse is that […]

Do You Have Too Many Credit Cards?

Many consumers, when ordering their free annual credit report for the first time, are surprised by the long list of credit accounts that they have. For example, they might have long ago forgotten about the credit card they used to get a great discount on new set of tires, or from Home Depot when they […]

3 Inexpensive Ways to Communicate With Loved Ones Abroad

We all have friends and family members located in some far-flung corner of the globe. Whether it’s your teenager on a horizon broadening gap year in Asia or a former colleague who’s upped sticks to start a new life down under, it seems barely a day goes by without someone you know jetting off on […]

Five key facts about financial spread betting

Financial spread betting (FSB) is the new kid on the gambling block. Once the sole preserve of the super-rich, the world’s stock markets and trading floors are now open to us all. What’s more, they have been made accessible in a way that is increasingly popular as well as potentially profitable. It’s fast!     […]