Couponing the Right Way

While couponing has definitely been quite trendy in the last few years, it’s certainly not new. Coupons have been around nearly as long as newspapers, and that’s a long time. That being said, there’s certainly a lot more to couponing than simply clipping coupons out of your local newspaper, magazines and flyers.  Also, just because […]

Preparing for the Cost of Private School

If you’ve been thinking about sending your child to a private high school, you’re not alone. Whether it’s for religious reasons or the desire for a specialized curriculum, more and more parents are contemplating the benefits of private education. At the same time, many families are worried that they will not be able to keep […]

Managing Money: 5 Retirement Expenses to Budget For

You may have heard people tell you that it’s never too early to start saving and planning for your retirement. With the economy being the way it is, saving and investing for your retirement while you’re young is a good idea, especially if your company doesn’t offer pension plans. Being aware of what to budget […]

3 Smart Family Business Ideas that Everyone Would Love

Starting a business based on your sole hobby, skill, or interest is one thing – starting one which the entire family loves is a whole different deal. Bringing the family together in one united goal to create a successful business not only strengthens the bonds between each individual, it creates a valuable asset to build […]

Child Trust Funds Explained

If you’re thinking about how you can save for your child’s future – and with the prospect of high university fees to pay and having to help them with a mortgage deposit, many parents are – then you may have heard the concept of a child trust fund (CTF) being mentioned. These can be a […]

3 Effective Ways to Save Money Around The House

Ask yourself, could you save more money around the house than you usually do? The answer is yes! Anyone from Texas to New York to California can save a nice chunk of the money from simple yet effective measures taken around the house. This money can then be used productively for other important things, such […]