Focusing on Coverage versus Premiums

The automobile insurance industry is going through some amazing and rapid changes. From tracking devices that send information about every turn that a driver makes, and every time that they brake their car, to coverage that offers “pay as you drive” insurance, new insurance products for automobiles are popping up left and right. Still and […]

Extra Costs New Home Buyers Overlook

It used to be said that owning a home was the very definition of the American dream, and that may still hold true today. The excitement of shopping for that first home, or any home really, can be a thrill.  After all, this is probably the single biggest purchase you are ever going to undertake […]

Is Life Insurance Just a Scam, or Actually Useful?

Believe it, or not, life insurance is very useful; in fact, it’s a necessity. The word gets thrown around occasionally, but this is largely a misconception born from actual scammers taking advantage of the system. When used appropriately, for its intended purpose, life insurance provides much-needed financial stability right when it’s needed the most. First, […]

No. You Don’t Need to Buy Life Insurance for Your Children

Ever write a post that strikes the wrong chord with commenters? I’ve been featured on Yahoo Finance almost weekly for the last few months. It’s been great for traffic and page rank. Plus, who could complain about writing for such a large audience. However, it’s not all beer and pizza. Sometimes, it means being eviscerated […]