Top 5 Habits that will Make you Wealthy

If you think that being a superstar athlete, movie and TV actor or musician is the only way to be “wealthy” these days, you’d be very wrong. There are plenty of people all of the world that are quite wealthy and don’t play sports, act or sing. What they do have however are the 5 […]

How to Save Money Shopping at Target

Saving money is the new trend! However, with countless of articles advising to use coupons and watch the sales paper, surely there have to be other methods to save money shopping at Target? Below are five tips on how you can save big. Purchase Discounted Gift Cards First Before shopping at Target (or any other […]

The Best Places to Store Cash for the Short Term

There are certainly plenty of options for storing cash short-term, but one of the worst is to store actual cash somewhere in your home. Besides a few hundred dollars, or maybe even up to $1000 in actual bills, storing cash at home is extremely risky. If you have some type of emergency such as fire […]

Are You Putting Enough Away for Retirement?

Okay, let’s be honest, the vast majority of Americans haven’t or aren’t saving nearly enough for retirement. On the other hand, there are people out there (and hopefully you’re one of them) that are stashing away as much money for retirement as possible, and diligently working to make sure that, when their “golden years” arrive, […]

Don’t Think You’re Wasting Money Every Week? Think Again

If you ask 1000 people the question “what would you like to have more of?”, 999 of them would answer “money”. Everyone wants extra money and, one would think, would do everything in their power to get that extra money somehow. The fact is however that the vast majority of Americans waste money every single […]

Consumer Spending Is Showing Signs of Caution

In theory times should be good for those in employment. While the recession has receded after the Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) crisis caused such worldwide devastation it seems there are still some real problems when it comes to market growth. Real estate issues have yet to be fully resolved in many places. The rapid growth […]