How to Get Control Your Family Expenses

One of the biggest, most important and, in many cases, most difficult tasks about having a family is controlling expenses. Let’s face it, many single consumers in the United States have a problem controlling their expenses even before they get married and have children and, after they do, it gets worse. It can be done […]

Healthcare Costs Can Bankrupt You

A major decision for most people nearing retirement is whether or not to purchase long-term health care insurance policies. On the one hand, the cost of living in a nursing home or assisted living facility, or having a live-in nurse at home, can be in the tens of thousands of dollars every year. This high […]

Tips to Avoid Going into Credit Card Debt

Do you feel trapped in the never-ending cycle of credit card debt? Credit cards are very popular because they are easy-to-use and give you the freedom to make purchases without having cash readily available. The problem is that you may end up taking months, or even years, to pay off your purchases, and you are […]

Different Types of Loans for Your Family

It’s easy to take loan basics for granted once you’ve been baptized into the vast world of financial lending. I remember struggling with loan decisions as a young adult. These agreements took a great deal of time and effort to understand. Trying to figure out whether the loan terms were reasonable or some type of […]