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We aren’t all that different you and I.

I’ve made many good financial decisions and many, many financial mistakes. I’ve managed to save a little for retirement, but I also spent years paying off credit card debt. I have an MBA and a job in corporate finance, but I also have loads of student loans that I’m still trying expunge from my budget.

It really doesn’t matter your education or your background, when you are trying to navigate your family’s finances there are lessons to be learned for even the most learned parent. There are some adults that can buy a cart full of groceries for $20 using coupons. I have no clue how to do that. However, I have figured out how to feed a family of four for about $1 per meal per person.

My Family Finances is all about me, telling you, how my family manages its finances. But most importantly, its about you, telling me, how you manage yours.


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