Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2012

They come in makeup. They come in dress. They come with accessories. On October 31st, adults, children and dogs will be wearing their favorite costumes for Halloween. According to consumer research, some costumes are more popular than others. According to NRF’s research, these are the most popular Halloween costumes for 2012. Children 1. Princess – […]

How Much Does the Average Family Spend on Halloween 2012?

We’ve come along way over the centuries. Back in ancient Celtic times Halloween was all about sacrifice (I’ll leave it at that). These days Halloween is all about giving; dolling out goodies and perhaps a few friendly freights. The National Retail Federation reports that the average family is planning on spending more money than previous […]

Buying a House is definitely an Asset for Your Family

Despite what Yahoo readers think, I’m an ardent proponent of owning a home. In fact, I’m willing to take Rich Dad, Poor Dad to task over the subject, because buying a home is definitely an asset, not a liability. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Robert Kiyosaki wrote the bestselling book, Rich Dad, Poor […]