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Here’s the best gym membership rate ever; $10 for 15 visits. At most I’d work out 5 times a week, which would make it my monthly cost, $13.33. I pay per visit, not weekly or monthly. If I skip a week, I don’t lose anything.

I found this deal at a small Christian college up the street. That’s not the only deal I’ve ever stumbled upon. There is the apple farm that charges a mere $.79/pound for apples and the gas station that sells below cost. Finding great deals isn’t easy, but they are worth finding.

What have you ever found a deal in an unexpected place? What was it and where?

Top Family Finance Posts

I’m proud to present you with this week’s top ten family finance posts.

  1. Marriage is when two become one. Two individuals become one family. Two different residencies become one home. Two different tax returns become Married Filing Jointly. Finance for Couples discusses the tax penalty or benefit of being married.
  2. You don’t need coupons to improve your grocery budget. Plunged in Debt explains how they’ve reduced their food spending.
  3. The good news? There is a demographic that has only seen employment increases over the decades. The bad news? It’s only those aged 55 and older. Don’t Quit Your Day Job discusses baby boomers and how they are soaking up the new employment opportunities.
  4. Ethan’s Money has a lesson in brinkmanship and explains the games that go on behind the scenes with free credit.
  5. Would you be willing to defend yourself against two young children for $300? My Broken Coin explains circumstances where adults might be willing to waste money on rude kids.
  6. Most people have a large portion of wealth in the equity of their home. Young Cheap Living explains why owning a house may not be an asset.
  7. Kurt from Money Counselor makes an impressive argument against stock buying over at Bargaineering. It’s definitely worth your time to challenge the street wisdom of investing large portions of your wealth in stocks.
  8. Parents are stuffing more dollars under their children’s pillow than ever before. Money, Life and More investigates tooth fairy inflation.
  9. Retirement is so complicated, even defining what it is can be a challenge. Married With Debt exposes some of the marketing that firms are using to convince you to work forever.
  10. Read Femme Frugality. Because, we’ve all thought about giving our young nephew a present in a Victoria’s Secret gift bag, but never went through with it.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the kind words John.

    The best deal we’ve found lately in an unexpected place: The culinary school at a nearby university. As part of the curriculum, the students run a fantastic and inexpensive gourmet restaurant, plus offer weeks-long temporary eateries specializing in particular types of food. Awesome!

    • John says

      That is very nice. My local community college has a restaurant run by hospitality students, but the menu isn’t the best and neither are their prices. However, their dental school does teeth cleanings for $1.

  2. says

    That’s a great deal on a gym membership! Awesome. I know an executive at a small chain based near us (E-Z Mart). He said they sell gas at or below cost because they make a ton of money when people shop at the convenience store inside. The gas entices people to stop.

    • John says

      That’s the same strategy my local gas station uses. I get gas for about $.05 less than anywhere else.

  3. says

    That is a beautiful deal on a gym membership, man.. Most folks pay for a monthly membership and never go.. Any place that lets you pay per visit, is offering folks quite the hook-up!

  4. says

    The best deal I’ve gotten is also a gym membership! I paid 3 years up front at the normal rate for 24 hour fitness and for the rest of my life, I only pay $99 a year. BAM!

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