How Much Does the Average Family Spend Eating Out?

When all parents are working a day job, it’s easier to pay to put food on the table than to physically put food on the table. The average family spends $2,620 each year eating out. That’s 40.6 percent of the total dollars a family spends on food in a year. Monthly, families spend $218 at […]

What is the Rate of Inflation for College Tuition?

Every year, college seems to cost more and more money. This is known as inflation. For tuition, increases in price are expanding at an alarming rate. For public school institutions, tuition has been increasing at 5.3 percent each year over a 10 year period. For private colleges, tuition has increased at a rate of 6.5 […]

Which States Accept Ugift for 529 Plan Gifts?

Most 529 Plans that work with Upromise also accept Ugift contributions from friends and relatives looking to give the gift of a college education. The official list of 529 Plans that utilize Ugift is below. GIFT College Investing Plan (Arkansas) CollegeInvest Direct Portfolio College Savings Plan (Colorado) CHET Advisor (Connecticut) IDeal – Idaho College Savings […]

Yes. Parents Should Open a 529 Plan for Their Children

The perfect is the enemy of the good. For a long time, the perfect kept me from opening a 529 account. I struggled with my reservations and uncertainties about making that type of commitment. College for my children seems so far away and 529 Plan was far, far down my list of financial imperatives. Still, […]