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If something as small as video gaming can lead 75% of spouses to marriage misery, how does blogging affect a marriage?

Research from Brigham Young studied how online role playing video games affected marital bliss. To no one’s surprise, surveys found that the way to your lover’s heart is not by attaining level 80. In fact, three fourths of respondents felt dissatisfaction with the role of WOW widow.

The study might be about gamers, but I’m sure it’s not all that different from bloggers who’ve been bitten by the traffic bug, the alexa bug, the media link bug or the adsense bug. I know that I can’t count the number of times that I’ve found myself consumed with blogging. Usually, when I get carried away, it’s because I’m chasing after one of three blogging desires.


I want to be like JD Roth and don’t care that it took him years to build up a site. I want my site to be massive by tomorrow. Seeking to accelerate blog growth is the pursuit of velocity.

Velocity is an alluring horizon when I first started blogging. That’s because when I had zero visitors, my success was infinite the first time someone clicked onto my site. However, the laws of economics were not on my side. It takes more and more effort to get the next reader. When I chase velocity, I spend increasing amounts of time on my blog. It’s like being the frog in the pot as the water incrementally gets warmer.


I can’t describe the feeling I had the first time I cashed in a check from blogging. There is definitely some pride involved. Someone recognized my efforts and found it worth value. There is also excitement in realizing that what was a hobby, might be a viable business. Could I become a full-time blogger?

I, like many, dream of switching from business attire to pajamas. It’s not entirely irrational either. I’ve made enough friends blogging and meet a couple of people who blog in the daylight. However, it’s easy to rationalize an obsession when receiving compensation for my efforts. It would be so easy to let my hobby become a second job without discussing things with my spouse.


Just wait until someone with a commanding readership notices your little corner of the blogosphere and starts sending hundreds of visitors each hour. Blogging is powerful. I can write up a post while brushing my teeth in the morning, head off to work and come home to find that little post has gone viral on the internet. New things become big things on the web everyday and once it’s happened to you as it has me, there is a desire achieve the same success over and over again.

If defeating the evil dwarf king in a video game can be consuming, how much more addictive is velocity, money and fame? I’ve been consumed by these things before and it hasn’t always been pretty. Mostly, I get a lot of help from my wife, who reminds me to step back and take things in stride. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’m pretty sure it’s because there wasn’t an internet back then.

 Have you ever been consumed by blogging? Has blogging had a positive impact on your marriage? How do you temper your blogging goals with your home life? How have you achieved blog-life balance?

I’m pleased to present this week’s Carnival of MoneyPros. Great work everyone!

Deacon Hayes @ Well Kept Wallet writes 10 Ways to Earn Extra Cash – Looking to earn extra money? Like I talked about in 10 Ways to Trim Your Budget, there are two sides to the financial equation: income and expenses. Since expenses have already been addressed, here are 10 ways to make some extra cash.

Jessica @ Budget for Health writes Fresh fruit & vegetable for dirt cheap – We bought so much fresh fruit and vegetables at a wholesale store for only $31. See the receipt for yourself and check out what we got!

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Is the “College Experience” Worth Student Loan Debt? – My husband and I have disagreed about the point of an undergraduate degree. I think college is for growing and he thinks college is for getting a job.

Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions writes Alleviating Financial Stress for the Sake of Your Health – Stress can do horrible things to your body. While everyone’s body reacts to it differently, some of the common ways stress manifests itself is through headaches, migraines, stomachaches, sleep deprivation, ulcers, and panic attacks. Learn how I manage such issues.

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes My Financial Bucket List – I’m trying to get the highest return on investment… the investment of life. Here are the top five financial goals on my bucket list. What are yours?

Kevin @ Thousandaire writes Your Investments Are in Big Trouble – If the government bubble bursts your money is in big trouble if you aren’t prepared

Eddie @ Finance Fox writes What Dating Etiquette? Coupons Are Sexy On First Dates! – Looking to impress your next date? Simply use a coupon. Yes, you read that right, coupons are sexy even on first dates.

Invest It Wisely @ Invest It Wisely writes Zen Personal Finance: My Philosphy, and What It Means to Invest It Wisely – What is zen personal finance? Is it a new-age thing? Is it a type of meditation? Is it a new way of looking at our finaces? Read more to learn what it really is!

Jon the Saver @ Free Money Wisdom writes Paying off Debt? Follow your Own Rules – When it comes to paying off debt, I’ve realized two things: it’s a long process, and you have to make your own rules. Depending on how much debt you have to begin with, it can take years to get yourself out of the red.

John @ Married (with Debt) writes I Bought a Tablet (Which Makes Me a Jerk) – So I finally broke down and bought a tablet computer, which officially makes me a jerk.

Greg Field @ NerdWallet writes Debit Card Fees: Foreign Transaction Fees Abroad – A great article and aggregation of data on debit card ATM and Point of Sale fees. Very relevant for the summer months when people are traveling. Enjoy

Shawanda @ You Have More Than You Think writes 7 Non-Extreme Ways to Slash Your Restaurant Bill – You don’t have to stop eating out to save money. Here are 7 simple tips to save money when eating out.

SFB @ Simple Finance Blog writes Youth Sports, $5 Billion, And Your Kid – The world of youth sports is a $5 billion a year industry – what can you do to cut costs and avoid some of the most expensive sports?

Ashley @ Money Talks Coaching writes Have Fun on a Budget This Summer? – We look forward to the summer months all year long. Summer for many of us means vacations, road trips, concerts, and backyard barbeques.

Corey @ Steadfast Finances writes The Beauty of an Online Business – These days it seems like everyone is out to make money through small business. Everyone wants to come up with the next great idea to establish a money-making business. Despite the competition, it has become remarkably easier than ever before. The main reason it has become easier is for one reason – the internet. The internet has transformed small businesses.

Luke @ Learn Bonds writes All About High Yield Bond Funds – Everything you want to know about investing in high yield bond mutual funds and ETFs. How they work, who should invest, and more!

Passive Income Earner @ The Passive Income Earner writes Easy Investing With Computershare – Are you familiar with Computershare? I learned about the marvels of Computershare in my mid-thirties and I must admit that I wish I had learned about it in my early twenties.

Jester @ The Ultimate Juggle writes Improving Your Marketability as a Small Business Owner – Running a small business in an economy that is filled with large national corporations can be difficult. Small businesses have always had a difficult time competing with companies that have the resources of small countries.

Aloysa @ My Broken Coin writes How Much Your Car Really Costs You? – This is an analysis of the real cost of owning and using your car.

Tushar @ Start Investing Money writes Are Your Parents Jeopardizing Your Savings Plans? – Are Your Parents Jeopardizing Your Savings Plans without even knowing it? After all, we are a product of our childhood and the way that we were raised…

JP @ My Family Finances writes How Does the Average Family Budget Compare to Yours? – We are obsessed with being more than average. So, if you want to avoid the average family budget, it helps to know what it is.

MMD @ My Money Design writes How Much Money Would I Make If I Rented Out A House? – What kind of rate of return would I make if I bought a house and rented it out for rental income? This example will walk through buying a house in my neighborhood and then crunching the numbers to see how much I could make in a year.

Corey @ 20s Finances writes Does the Cash Method Really Work? – One of the many ways that people try to curb their spending habits is to go to an all-cash budget. The reason for making the adjustment is that it helps you weigh the actual cost of each expense because it is actual bills leaving your pocket. It’s not a method that my wife and I use, but it has been helpful for some of our closest friends. Find out why it could help you.

Daniel @ Sweating the Big Stuff writes Do You Pay Student Loans Bills With a Credit Card? – I love using my credit card for gas (3 percent cash back) when I can, but there are certain situations where you simply can’t use a credit card to pay your bills. I would love to get 1 percent cash back on my rent…

Steve Zussino @ Grocery Alerts writes How to find quality cookware on a budget – Obtaining the right tool for the job is always important, but nowhere does it have a more significant impact on the enjoyment one receives from using those tools than in the kitchen. The price of cookware can range drastically, starting as low as a few dollars per pan to as high as several thousand dollars for complete professional sets.

Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes Why Is Gen XY Worth Less Than Their Parents? – Common sense says it’s no surprise that older Americans are wealthier than young Americans.

Wayne @ Young Family Finance writes Why Being Debt Free is Great for Your Family – Find out why being debt free is important for your family.

Theresa Torres @ Credit Donkey writes The CreditDonkey Manifesto – Credit is a fact of life and Credit Donkey is committed to helping consumers make better choices and informed decisions when it comes to choosing the best credit cards that will best fit their needs and help them earn rewards and bonus points while saving money and enjoying life. There are numerous tips and credit card reviews to help you become a savvy consumer.

TTMK @ Tie the Money Knot writes Giving Financial Support to In-Laws – Do you believe that parents have a right to expect financial support from their grown up kids, as payback for all they have done throughout life?

PITR @ Passive Income To Retire writes Passive Income with a Bed and Breakfast? – It was just last week that I was at a friend’s wedding. It was a great time to celebrate with them, and as it turns out, it was my first time at a bed and breakfast. For the first time, I got a close-up view of what it takes to run a bed and breakfast.

Bridget @ Money After Graduation writes Avoiding Debt After Graduation – As college leavers know, taking another course is a great way to delay the start of paying off your student debts. Unfortunately, once you’ve passed the post and enjoyed graduation you quickly head towards the time you need to start making those repayments.

Daisy @ Add Vodka writes 5 Things That Can Be Outsourced On Your Blog – Blogs are a lot of work. For me, anyway. I spend a lot of time, every single day, doing blog related activity. Even when I am on vacation I still try to answer blog related emails.

Roger the Amateur Financier @ The Amateur Financier writes Job Hunting Success – Job Interview 101: Preparation – A look at the first step in the job interview process, getting ready to go to the interview, preparing your questions to dressing properly.

BARBARA FRIEDBERG @ Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance writes RETIRE ABROAD WITHOUT PAYING A FORTUNE – With the baby boomers approaching retirement in record numbers, fears about high costs and inadequate savings prompt exploration of creative retirement options.

Sustainable PF @ Sustainable Personal Finance writes What is Freecycling? – What is Freecycling? The idea is simple: If you have an item that you no longer want there is a chance that someone else wants – you offer to give it away for free.

Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder writes Can You Make Money Online Without Selling Your Soul? – This article talks about ways to make money online without it consuming your every waking minute!

krantcents @ KrantCents writes The 3 W’s of Success – The 3 W’s of Success is the twenty-third in a series of articles to help you reach your goal.

PPlan @ Provident Plan writes Will There Always Be Poor People? – The issue of poverty is a complicated social issue. Jesus is often quoted as saying You will always have the poor with you. Find out what he really meant.

Erika @ From Shopping to Saving writes How to Save Money at the Fair or Amusement Park – Tips to save money at the fair or amusement park this summer.

Young @ Young And Thrifty writes Get Others to Pay Your Fees – If you’re like me, you hate those pesky fees in life. You know the ones I’m talking about, the little things that get tacked on wherever you go.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Crazy Ideas and an Entrepreneurial Spirit – When setting out on an entrepreneurial path, it’s also important to prioritize jobs. My salaried job comes first, all other side income comes in second and those that are more profitable get pushed ahead of others which are not. I don’t find much pleasure working for “free” unless that free project is my own.

Tyler @ Poor Student writes June Dividends – It is that time of the month. That came out wrong perhaps. I mean that I have now collected all my dividends for the month of June. And it was my best month yet.

Lazy Man @ Lazy Man and Money writes Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Better Business Bureau – For years, the Better Business Bureau was perceived as a great source for consumers to learn about reliable companies. Unfortunately that’s no longer true and I now I question whether it ever was true.

Robert @ My Multiple Incomes writes 4 Warning Signs You Are Setting Too Many Goals – The more goals you have, the more time you spend prioritizing goals and the less time you actually spend doing them or achieving them. And then not achieving your goals just perpetuates the cycle. As such, the idea amount of goals for someone to have is just three. Here are four classic warning signs that you may be setting too many goals:

Robert @ The College Investor writes Cash Cow Stocks: Great for Long-Term Investing – A cash cow is generally defined as a company that turns 5-10% of its sales into cash. Good businesses that can turn sales into true free cash flow usually have a competitive advantage that strengthens their future, which makes them a great investment for long-term investing.

A Blinkin @ Funancials writes I Was Housed By A Homeless Guy – Sounds ironic, doesn’t it? How could “he who don’t own home” be capable of housing “he who own home?” Confucius can’t even provide understanding on this matter so I suppose I’ll have to explain further.

Jason @ Work Save Live writes Why I’ll Never Get My Future Kid a Credit Card – Here are my experiences with a credit card as a kid, and why I will never add my future kids as authorized users on my credit card…

Hank @ Money Q&A writes What Is A Cafeteria Plan For Health Insurance? – What is a cafeteria plan for health insurance? It is a type of employee health insurance plan that allows employees to choose from different types of health benefits

Jen @ Master the Art of Saving writes Earn Money Online: Cash Crate – Ways to earn money online with Cash Crate, how much money you can earn with Cash Crate, learn ways to earn more money with Cash Crate, Cash Crate payments, etc.

YFS @ Your Finances Simplified writes Could You Survive At the Povery Line? – Sometime ago, very early in my blogging career. Ha, I’m writing this as if I didn’t start blogging in October of 2011. Time sure does fly..

harry campbell @ Your Personal Finance Pro writes Keep Your CD’s Liquid and Still Earn a High Rate of Return – Most investors probably don’t have too many high yielding ‘safe’ investments lying around from the high interest rate days. The 5% CD’s that we all took for granted in 2007-2008 are a thing of the past and I know most people wish they would have locked in a couple more 5 year CD’s at these rates. So in today’s market, what are the best options for investors looking to earn a high return and minimize risk?

L Bee @ L Bee and the Money Tree writes How I cut my spending 38 Percent by simply by writing it down. – You may have heard me gushing on my blog/twitter about this FREE debt worksheet I’ve been working off starting last month. A fellow pf blogger, John at Married with Debt is kind enough to send over the excel spreadsheet he and his wife use to track their finances FOR FREE to anyone who wants it.

MR @ Money Reasons writes Using the Library As A Mobile Office – Why not consider using your local public library as an mobile office? There are empty meeting rooms available, and are just wasted space waiting to be used.

Ryan @ Early Retirement Investments writes A Few Ways to Save Money Around the House… – Read my ways to save a money around the house!

Maria @ The Money Principle writes Investing as science, an art form and a game – Investing is challenging not because of the amount of knowledge we need but because we need different kinds of knowledge.

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes Interviews With The One Percent – I previously wrote about Occupy Wall Street and how the 99 Percent can make it.

Jeff Rose @ Good Financial Cents writes 7 Alternatives to Investing in the Stock Market – As a financial planner I work with a lot of clients and most of our investments are related to the stock market. We invest in bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s, and the occasional individual stock. Every so often I’ll get some people that want to invest into “stock market alternatives“, meaning that they are a little bit fed up with the ups and downs of the market.

Jeff Rose @ Life Insurance by Jeff writes Does Pregnancy Affect Life Insurance – f you’re planning on starting a family, then buying life insurance is an absolute no brainer. I was compelled to buy life insurance after I got married and buy even more life insurance after we started having children.

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes Go Slowly Toward Financial Security – Slow and steady wins the race, the old proverb goes. This is also a great strategy when working towards your financial security and a comfortable retirement. Patience and consistency are the secrets to going slowly towards financial security.

Nick Drzayich @ Becoming Your Own Bank writes Bonds Outperform Stocks Over 30 Years – over the past 30 years, bonds have outperformed the stock market. What makes this even more interesting is that in our recent Linkedin poll we found that only 5% of those polled invested in bonds versus 56% investing in stocks and mutual funds.

Sicorra @ Tackling Our Debt writes Make More Money, Get Out of Debt, and Live Your Life – Work on following these simple steps so that you can still enjoy life, while you work towards becoming debt free.

Mr. Money @ Smart on Money writes Are You Raising Your Kids to Be Financially Independent? – It’s true that my parents have sacrificed for us, but they’re not about to let us ruin their financial future, and the emphasis has always been on getting us to a point at which we could fend for ourselves financially. At some point, it makes sense to send your kids out there to provide for themselves. And, of course, those lessons start at home.

Timothy Artisan @ Wealth Artisan writes Learning From Pixar – Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Pixar. From the high levels of quality, to their commitment to their customers, they have a lot of interesting lessons to teach. Did you know it took them 3 years to develop the software for one character’s hair? Learn more money making wisdom from Pixar.

Peter @ Bible Money Matters writes How to Put Together a Low Cost Blog Video Setup: All the Tools You’ll Need To Do Video for Your Blog – I’ve now been doing video for a year or two now, and I thought today would be a good time to do a review of why I do video for my blog, what I think it adds to the site, and then walk everyone through how to put together a low cost blog video setup for themselves.

Sean @ One Smart Dollar writes Beginners Guide to Finance – Asset Allocation – Being able to properly allocate your investment to different asset classes is one of the keys to being able to survive any down market

Jeremy @ Modest Money writes Thank You For Getting Speeding Tickets – Have you ever considered that you should be thanking people who are pulled over for speeding? They may be making the roads less safe, but they are actually doing you a favor.

Paul Vachon @ The Frugal Toad writes Manage Personal Cash Flow as if You are a Business – Manage Personal Cash Flow as if You are a Business by Paul on JULY 12, 2012 in PERSONAL FINANCE {EDIT} Cash Management is vital to the success of a business because it allows the business to pay it’s bills while using cash efficiently to fund day to day operations. Consumers can benefit from managing their own cash in much the same ways a business does.

Investor Junkie @ Investor Junkie writes Prosper Review – Are They Worth a Second Look? – Even though Lending Club, attracts double the amount of loan applications, Prosper is still a formable alternative. It appears even with the new underwriting process, Prosper loans are slightly risker than Lending Club. This is based upon doing the number crunching I did on This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s something to be aware of when picking out loans.

SB @ Finance Product Review writes 25 DIY Car Repairs to Save Money – Save money and time by doing basic troubleshooting and repairs on many car issues. Gain experience to fix complex issues by doing simple DIY repairs first. Keep your car in top condition by following these 25 DIY car repairs

SB @ Finance Product Reviews writes Disney Premier Visa Card from Chase Review – Review of Disney premier Visa card from Chase offers unique advantage for Disney fans, but is it good enough card for you? find out more.

Beating Broke @ Beating Broke writes Lending Club 2Q2012 Update – After it’s all said and done, the one late loan in the bunch could end up dropping the rate below 13%, but it hasn’t been written off yet. If, however, it remains in a late, but paid, status, my rate is doing pretty well. As of 7/4, my account is showing a NAR (Net Annualized Return) of 13.58%.

Jason @ Live Real, Now writes Anchor Price Your Salary – If you are negotiating your salary and your potential employer gives a lowball offer, every higher counteroffer after that will much, much higher than than it would otherwise.

Steve @ Brip Blap writes How Companies Miss the Big Picture – Companies need to realize that it’s not always just about the “big things” like salary and titles. Little perks can make a big difference, and they aren’t always just perks. It doesn’t even have to be something like upgrading a sick business traveler from coach class. It can be small things like letting employees take time off for doctor’s appointments, or letting people come in a hour later and leave an hour later if that suits their lifestyle better.

Matt @ Living in Financial Excellence writes It Might Be Time to Make Some More Money – I know “in this economy” jobs are tough to come by and I know it’s hard to find time to get a second job, etc. etc. etc. But the bottom line literally remains the same: You don’t have enough money coming in so you need to go get more money coming in.

Cash Flow Mantra @ Cash Flow Mantra writes Dividend Income Report for Q2 of 2012 – It has been my belief that I shouldn’t be saving with the goal of living off my savings when I retire. Rather, I plan on investing in assets that produce income and living off that income.

Michelle @ See Debt Run writes The Right Thing – My son found an expensive piece of jewelry lying in the street in front of our house. What should he do?

Philip @ PT Money Personal Finance writes How to Use Credit Cards Wisely – Credit cards can be complex. This post breaks them down into 5 easy ways you can use them to your full advantage.

Emily @ Evolving Personal Finance writes What Do You Consider a Good Salary? – I was surpised to hear what one PhD/MBA considers a “good” salary – my range is a lot lower! What do you consider a good salary and how is it influenced by the letters following your name?

Glen Craig @ Free From Broke writes The Myth of Get Rich Quick – People dream of ways to get rich quick. Maybe it’s that lottery ticket or something else that does it. But the truth is getting rich quick is a myth.

CCS @ Credit Card Smarts writes Avoid the Credit Card Minimum Payment Trap – That credit card minimum payment looks pretty alluring, doesn’t it? Pay only that much and you have more money to spend. But watch out, it’s a trap.

Steve Zussino @ Canadian Personal Finance writes Where Should You Really Sell Your College Textbooks? – Who does not love finally being able to sell your textbooks once the semester is over? But before you rush to the bookstore to get rid of those 10-pound weights, you might want to consider your selling options.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the love.
    Blogging, and video gaming or anything else we love doing is all about balance. Just as we come home to spend time with the family, and leave work at work, we have to leave blogging out of family time as well.

  2. says

    My wife and I strike a balance. We try to work at the same time on our different projects. I’ve begun using a timer to help me stay focused and get tasks done faster as well. All-in-all, it can definitely create problems, so time management is a HUGE must. Thanks for including me in the carnival and hosting!


  3. says

    When blogging was a hobby it used to annoy my wife a little bit because of all the time I spent on it. Now that I do this full time it is a lot easier on us. Thanks for including me this week John.

  4. says

    I’m spending less time on my blog and more time on my other properties. It can be difficult at times to balance everything but having an understanding spouse helps! Thanks for including us!

  5. says

    Thanks for including my post!

    My husband and I are both involved with the blog but I spend a lot more time on it. We each have our computer hobbies – he’s writing a program right now – but we still spend a lot of quality time together.

    I think the PF aspect of the blog is creeping into our marriage, though. It gives more accountability than we would really like. My husband thinks our blog affected our recent decision to move, but I’m not so sure.

  6. says

    Thanks for the include!!!! To answer your questions…

    Q:Have you ever been consumed by blogging?
    A:Yes, all the time- I love it

    Q:Has blogging had a positive impact on your marriage?
    A:Yes, it gives us great topics to discuss and we have fun learning about life and money

    Q:How do you temper your blogging goals with your home life? A:Everyone knows Sunday morning is blogging and coffee

    Q:How have you achieved blog-life balance?
    A:I don’t blog during the weekdays!

    Ted Jenkin, CFP®, AWMA®, CRPC®, AAMS®, CMFC®, CRPS®

    Co-CEO and Founder

    oXYGen Financial, Inc.

    • John says

      You blog just Sunday morning? That’s definitely something I’d like to aspire to. Four hours?

  7. says

    Haha — I love the title “staying married while blogging.” It’s easy to let it take over your home life. I try to shut off the computer by a particular hour of night.

    As a bonus: it’s easier to fall sleep if you don’t jump directly from staring at a computer screen to climbing in bed. I had trouble sleeping for months until I started spending less time at a computer at night.

    • John says

      Interesting. I can’t say I’ve had the same problem, but I’m the type of person who can fall asleep any time, any where. Are there other activities that keep you from sleeping at night?

  8. says

    I’m still trying to find the balance myself. When I get off work, I’d like to spend time with the Misses and work on the blog. I end up staying up late to work on the latter. I’m trying to convince her to start a blog of her own so we can work on things together.

    • John says

      I have had some success with this. While my wife may never be a PF blogger. she has become somewhat addicted to mommy blogging. Especially now that clothing companies started sending free dresses for a blog review. It’s amazing how getting stuff can make disciples.

  9. says

    Thanks for the inclusion! I have had a hard time balancing blogging with married life. I know some people can work full time and stay on top of blogging, but until I can manage my time better I’ve decided to only post 3 times a week instead of 4. I’ve realized how much time it can take up unless I have a plan of attack and delegate a certain time of the day to get blogging stuff done because there’s always more I can be doing.

    • John says

      It’s true. There is no end to the amount of blogging that could be done. You could blog forever.

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