My Family Finances Joins Yakezie and Top 10 Family Finance Articles

It’s official! I’ve decided to join the Yakezie Challenge and I know what you are thinking, “umm, the what-challenge?” Yakezie is a personal finance and lifestyle blogging network. Some of the largest and most followed blogs are part of the group. And what a group! The mission is to selflessly help others, but more specifically […]

Average Grocery Spending for Your Family and How to Improve Your Budget

If you are trying to lower your budget, you need to get familiar with three expenses: housing, transportation and food. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average family spends 63% of all budget expenditures on those three costs. Here at My Family Finances, I’ll help you to lower all three, but today we […]

4 Things High School Graduates Should Consider Before Picking a Major and Planning College

It’s springtime for most of us, but for many aged 18 and 22 it’s more than just a new season. It’s graduation time. Sure, high school students and college students both go through the same ceremony we all recognize as graduation, but the two types of graduates are facing completely different financial/professional decisions. For college […]